About us

  1. Aditi Integrated Service Solutions Pvt Ltd is a complete security solutions provider.
  2. We understand the range of security risks, and stay current on available methods, technologies and equipment to anticipate and solve these risks.
  3. We assess site-specific vulnerabilities and apply best practices in security planning, design and implementation in the field.
  4. Aditi's security experts stay current on all new technology and systems, adapting and continuously improving to meet current and future threats.
  5. We are known for rapid responsiveness and constant communication with our Clients. From reviewing and validating the need for security to providing innovative solutions to meet budgets, our knowledge of technology and best practices provides practical answers.
  6. We review and benchmark every aspect of security operations, equipment, policy and training to protect the assets and integrity of the organization while increasing return-on-investment.
  7. Aditi's knowledge of risk management, loss prevention, life safety and security provides a one-stop solution for preserving your organization's investments.
  8. We approach security in a holistic, comprehensive way, by examining a range of scenarios and developing practical, insightful and innovative solutions.
  9. Aditi develops a sound relationship built on trust. Our interests and fiduciary obligations are straightforward: meet client needs, minimize risk and reduce costs.
  10. Our teams are skilled in seeing what exists today, then envisioning the needs and potential risks likely to arrive tomorrow.
  11. We apply this skill towards long-term solutions which provide tangible return on revenue invested by the Client.