Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose AISS Pvt Ltd?

AISS Pvt Ltd provides the best value for integrated facility management solutions in the country. Each of our clients receives a custom-designed plan tailored to their respective needs, risks, property design, and budget. We have the expertise to accommodate the unique facility management needs of any industry, and offer superior management solutions that are founded on extensively trained professionals and daily communication with our clients.

Where does AISS Pvt Ltd provide its services?

We are operational in Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh & Delhi with two Integrated Training Academy in Cuttack & Siliguri. Few of our valued clients are

  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Bhusan Power & steel Ltd.
  • Indo Nissin Foods Ltd.
  • JK Paper Mills Ltd.
  • JK Lakshmi Cement
  • Care Hospitals
  • Pantaloons Retail-Aditya Birla Group
  • Meenajee Group
  • Global Kitchen
  • Brit World Wide
  • Anthara Healthcare
  • Maruti Estates (I) Pvt Ltd
  • Sai Shakti Agencies
  • Sagar Business Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hotel Pritam Hi-Life
  • Kalinga Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kalinga Gases Pvt. Ltd.
  • Imgenex India Pvt. Ltd.
  • . . .

We could be contacted for a free consultation at (+91) 0674 6553222, 90400 22273

Do you provide after-hours services?

Yes, we offer 24-hour facility services. Our Control Room manned at the Regional office maintain constant communication with our officers in the field, so that our officers can immediately respond to inquiries, alarms, emergencies, and other requests any time of day or night, any day of the year.

Are your prices competitive?

We offer our high quality services at extremely competitive rates. In fact, we will match or beat any competitor's prices.

May we contact management staff directly?

Yes. We believe that open communication is critical to achieving optimal results during operations. That's why our management team is readily available 24/7 to provide assistance to our clients as well as deployed personnel. As part of our standard operating procedures, once you hire us, we provide you with the direct lines and cell phone numbers of our management team and your designated Field Staffs

What kind of training do your personnel receive?

We believe that high quality training creates exceptional professionals / Supervision Staff. That is why we require all of our enrolled personnel to complete a rigorous training course that more than meets the requirements set by the various regulating agencies. As soon as the registration is over, we require that they complete at least 60 hours of training in basic grooming and 24 Hours Training while on the Job at respective site before he/she is actually deployed. After that, to keep our team sharp, we offer additional refresher training every month with dedicated review and practice of their skills. All of our training is provided by highly skilled veterans from the industry.

HHow do we check that deployed staff /Supervisor is on site working, and not at ease, while on duty?

At AISS Pvt Ltd, we utilize a wireless time clock system at each location to verify that each of our deployed staff is on site and effective. Our supervisors / Field Officers regularly visit each of our client locations unannounced to monitor the sites. Random calls are made from the Control Room to various land lines/ Mobile numbers of deployed staffs at sites to feel the pulse of operations at each moment.

What takes place when a supervisor/ Field Officer visit a deployed staff at a site?

When out on a routine site inspection visit, our supervisors take the time to evaluate the deployed personnel in the following areas: appearance; proper attire; completeness of daily reports and any incident reports; post orders; awareness; and overall demeanor. All observations and assessments are noted in the Unit Visit Report form and the Site Log Book which is audited by the Management on weekly basis..

How do your deployed personnel know what is expected of them?

Aditi Group trains each personnel on post orders/SOP for each location they are assigned to. We also provide a written copy of the post orders/SOP at each location. Post orders/SOP are a set of customized policies and procedures based upon a discussion between one of our Management / Managerial Staff/ Field Staff and our client.

Will AISS Pvt Ltd respect our privacy while they are deployed in our property?

Absolutely, All Aditi Group personnel are dedicated to respecting your property and privacy without compromising our duties. We provide ethics training throughout our company and will adhere to all of your business guidelines and regulations. Furthermore, we keep all client information private and confidential.

What can we expect from an AISS staff?

We provide cutting-edge training to our entire front line professional so that they can provide quality service for you. Our expertly trained human resources are well trained, professional, on time, alert, courteous, and dressed in full uniform, well groomed, extensively instructed on post duties, and supervised to meet the Client needs.

How does AISS train its front line professionals?

Training is conducted by our highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel from the industry under strict supervision of the management team. This team provides initial and ongoing training to our front line professionals in a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to: emergency situations; observe and report; patrol; general duties; field training; communications; public relations; fire watch etc.. Additionally, every front line professionals receives training specific to his or her assigned site using the post orders/SOP specifically written for the client.

How thorough is your hiring process?

Aditi Group is extremely selective in its hiring of new front line professionals. All prospective professionals must clear a full background check and drug testing. We also verify previous employment, check personal references, and conduct a series of interviews. Once hired, we administer a comprehensive training program that meets and exceeds the requirements set by the industry.

Where will you place front line professionals?

Our integrated facility management solutions can be used to manage and maintain nearly any business location, private residence, or event, including, but not limited to: apartment complexes, banks, bars, car dealerships, charity events, construction sites, film sets, gated neighborhoods, homeowner associations, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities, malls, manufacturing facilities, motels, nightclubs, nursing homes, office buildings, Parking garages/structures, parks, pharmaceutical plants, recreational centers, restaurants, retail stores, schools, shopping centers, theaters, theme parks, transportation facilities, universities, and warehouses. Additionally, our diverse staff allows us to accommodate clients who might need a specific type of front line professionals such as one that is bilingual or has the personality to match a particular environment.

How do you plan and implement front line professionals for an assignment?

All of our services begin with a thorough assessment of your facility needs and an evaluation of your property. Following this free initial consultation, we create a customized plan with a competitive quote for our proposed services. We usually follow-up this quote with additional on-site meetings in order to finesse the contract until the security plan and quote meet your complete satisfaction. Once a contract is signed, we create post orders/SOP and train our personnel's accordingly. Throughout the duration of our contract, we will ensure that our management team communicates with our front line professionals on daily basis; our guards attend all weekly in-house meetings; and our clients are given detailed activity reports daily.

What is your Customer Relationship Management Program?

We emphasize on “Exceeding Customer Satisfaction” Approach
Understanding the Client's Need -Anticipating their Requirements -Checking on Clients Comfort Levels -Quick Response with Turnaround Time -Crisis Management - Proactive Approach –Evaluation -Action & Resolution

Communicate & Connect
Feedback form -Escalation Matrix with Turnaround Time -Personalized Meetings - One Point Contact for Multi-location Clients
We have a very flat Hierarchy and our Management Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak to a Client.