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“Passionate about Protection”
Security, The AISS Way
At AISS we understand there has to be a point of difference between our competitors and ourselves. As your Security provider we are the eyes and ears for your business, always alert to protect your premises, staff, customers & assets. We understand there are some key issues that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on which contractor to use.

During our initial meeting at your premises we will carry out a full area walk round and inspection. From this we will be able to assess where the most likely threats lie, and then be able to create a specification tailored to suit your individual needs. We will ask various questions, some of which may even sound strange, but when we explain our reasons you will see that AISS’s unique approach is why we offer real protection, for you, your client’s, your staff, and your premises.

We are confident that when taking on any contract, including those when staff are transferred to our company, we can provide the highest level of Security. The quality of a Security service, like many other support services, relies on the people on the front line who deliver it. Our additional training involves some of the areas listed below, none of which are covered within the current scope of the PSARA license course:

  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Physical Intervention / Hands on
  • Fire Safety
  • Bomb Threat
  • Environment ,Health & Safety
  • Customer Care

At AISS we recognise the importance of balancing Security and staff protection with a high level of customer care as we are often the first and last point of contact for your clients. Our Security Guards and officers offer more than just a front of house presence, and full risk assessments, identification of hot spots and knowledge of loss prevention are provided.

Retail Security
AISS provide highly trained & experienced retail security guards and officers to a variety of stores. Each store differs in terms of the items for sale and how they may be targeted by thieves and criminals. A retail security Guard/officer is primarily in place to act as a deterrent to any such individuals but also to protect our client’s goods, products, staff & premises. We believe in total accountability for the service we provide which is why we take careful time and effort when planning the specific assignment instructions for your store.

Before commencing any contract our management will make a site visit and arrange for a full inspection of each store to write the most effective assignment instructions for our officers. We will ask many questions and may offer advice on new ideas to deter thieves, where best to position guards, and how often stores should be patrolled etc.

Our method of incident reporting is precise and thorough. Each daily task will be logged in sequence within the on-site Assignment book, incidents will be fully logged on Incident Report Forms and our control room can be contacted in the event of a serious incident. Our Operations Management team will pay regular visits to our officers to ensure all standards of service are being reached and that all reporting is carried our correctly.
With AISS you will be safe in the knowledge that your staff, customers & goods are in safe hands.

Door Supervisors/Bounsers
AISS can provide highly trained door supervisors/Bounsers for a variety of venues such as pubs, nightclub’s, private functions or other licensed premises.

The primary role of a door supervisor is to only allow suitable individuals entry to a premises. Unlike many door supervisors ours will always provide a welcoming and friendly personality to all customers unless the situation requires otherwise. Unfortunately door supervisors have a reputation to be needlessly arrogant or aggressive towards paying customers. We understand the priority of any business is to make money and as such we should also welcome your customers in the correct manner and remain helpful during their visit to your premises. We will also thank them at the end of the night when they leave, as a customer who feels valued is a repeat customer.

Another serious priority for licensed premises is to ensure the safety of customers and staff, which is why AISS only provide door supervisors who are firstly fully trained for their role, but also those who we believe are capable of carrying out their work correctly. We provide additional conflict management and physical intervention training in-house that goes beyond that of an PSARA course, meaning in AISS you know your door supervisors are capable for what may come their way.

Corporate Security Officers
AISS can provide highly professional smartly presented security Officers ( Ex Military/Para-Military/Police) to office blocks and business parks.

We understand that in this type of role unlike that of many other security positions we will be meeting and greeting your clients and colleagues and as such our presentation and attitude is of paramount importance. All of our concierge officers are provided with full uniform consisting of shirt, tie, suit jacket / blazer, trousers and shoes. Officers must always take pride in their appearance and maintain a friendly, polite and helpful attitude at all times. Officers are trained specifically on these areas.

We understand that discretion is a key part of security within a corporate environment and when recruiting for this type of position we ask some key questions aimed at this area. Staff are also fully trained on the very specifics of their role depending on each individual premises. Even the small things like delivering of daily newspapers and milk, are part of the attention to detail AISS take in their approach to this role.

Event Security
AISS provide highly trained event security Guards and Officers to a number of different clients for example at an Exhibition , Marriage Function ,Huge Gatherings, or concert, Seminars etcwhether this be to assist with crowd control or to monitor parking areas.

With AISS you will have peace of mind that you now have a company that takes crowd safety very seriously. Again many security companies only look at the event itself and do not take into account surrounding areas and how this may affect a crowd, however at AISS we always carry out a thorough inspection.